Standard Port-a-Potty

We are a trusted Portable toilet and event sanitation rental provider in Central North Carolina. We offer a wide selection of products to meet the needs of your construction site or event. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will work to accommodate your specific needs. At Big Yellow Services, we believe in offering clean, quality portable toilets matched with our superior service, ensuring complete satisfaction with your sanitation rental. Contact us today to get started.

 Your visitors will be comfortable by not having to worry about where the closest restroom or sink is

We have multiple pumper trucks to clean and service each unit at your location during regularly scheduled intervals. We provide our portable restrooms and event sanitation stations for emergencies, one day events, long-term rentals, wedding receptions, graduation parties, construction sites and more.

Standard Toilet & Handicap Accessible Rentals

  • Modern designs to keep up with the aesthetic appeal of your event
  • Various sizes from standard single stall to large, wheelchair accessible units
  • Optional attachments such as handwashing stations, and more
  • Additional options including scent masks, deodorizers, and sanitation servicing

Benefits of Renting a Portable Toilet

At Big Yellow Services, LLC, we ensure that renting a portable toilet is convenient for your events and activities. Delivery is fast and can be at any time of the day that is suitable for you. Your rented toilet is fully equipped with toilet paper and (optional) hand sanitizer. Picking up the toilet is hassle-free too.

Ready Availability
No matter the event or activity, a portable toilet makes them more accessible and comfortable. Renting a portable toilet removes the burden of having to build a permanent toilet, which can take up time and resources. Additionally, it is very affordable for businesses, households and event organizers. It is always ready for use, all you need to do is inform our staff when you need it.



Residential Dumpster Rentals

Are you concerned about how you’re going to haul off a bunch of furniture and household junk you don’t want? Or, are you getting the yard cleaned up and know you’ll have a lot of branches and yard debris to remove? When it won’t go by the curb and it’s too hard to haul off yourself, reserve one of our residential dumpsters. Give us a call for more details.

Construction Dumpster Rentals

There’s no better way to keep your construction site neat and tidy than by renting a construction dumpster. Our roll-off construction dumpsters are just what you need to keep the job site clean and safe. If you’re a contractor planning another job in our current Service Areas and you want reliable service and on-time delivery, call Big Yellow Services.

Commercial Compactor Dumpsters

Our quality rentals include all maintenance and repair, along with exceptional customer service. If you own your own compactor we can be contracted to handle empty and returning the compactor.

Portable Shipping Container Rental


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